So I have just recently become a YouGov  panellist, and it was so easy to sign up! I now can’t stop doing the surveys and seem to be glued to my phone. Some of the stories are so interesting, and it’s so insightful to gage an understanding of the popular public opinion over topical news, politics, film and sport (Especially during the year we are living?!)

To me the most intriguing  @yougovpanel article was about  a receptionist who was sent home because she refused to wear high heels. The most intriguing part is what the public think of this decision, I know my thoughts but what about you?

Why is it that we still allow companies to set different dress codes for men and women? Do you think this is reasonable? Sign up to give your opinion (it’s super easyyyy): 💁💁 #opinions #participate #yougovpaneluk


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