A Study on Ethical Consumerism

Please help a sister out, and take a look at my questionnaire for my dissertation! If any off you have done a dissertation you will understand the stress of getting all the data you need! It’s super simple and quick, but would help me out sooooo much if you take the a little time out off your day to answer 🙂 You can send your responses to olivia.frost3@gmail.com, or just answer the questions in the comments ❤ ❤ thank you thank you


Hey everyone, so I am in the middle of gathering research for my dissertation (eek I’m going into my third year at uni), and I need your help :). Basically, to cut a really really long story short, my dissertation will aim to explore the extent to which, the recent trend towards the inclusion of Vintage clothing (vintage concessions) into major high street stores (with a particular focus on TopShop), may forge a pathway towards a more ethical form of consumerism and industry as a whole.

I need your help in just taking a few minutes to answer a few questions for me 🙂 All I ask is that you try and stay neutral and honest, as well as answering in as much detail as you can (there is absolutely no wrong answer whatsoever!!) Just be honest :). I have outlined a few questions bellow and if you could answer them in…

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