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Noisy may

Okay, so as you all know, I’m a bit crazy for denim (as well as dressing a bit whacky, edgy and out there… but you only live once, right?). So, this new project I’m working on could not be more perfect for me or anyone else who loves retro denim styles as much as I do :). If a brand could encompass everything that is my style… I think Noisy may has done just that. Their clothing is focussed around denim at the centre, and then incorporating a raw more edgy look into their designs, something quite unique upon the high street. So if you like denim, or have a similar style to me, then perhaps you will be as excited as I am for what is to commence.

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Clothes heaven at the Noisy may offices, Copenhagen

I have collaborated with Noisy may to design five pieces for a capsule collection. My collection will be: laid back, quirky and retro, encompassing a totally chilled city style. I’ve just brought together every thing I love about fashion and mixed it with Noisy may’s own unique take on denim, to create something that I really hope you will love too. Well I’m super excited and can’t wait to show you the finished designs in October, ready for you to buy in multiple stores worldwide :). So you can have your very own Olivia designed outfit soon :).

In October the Noisy may Team and I will be taking a road trip around London, Amsterdam and Berlin, so perhaps you can catch us on our travels and check out our new collection :). We will also be showcasing our designs during Berlin fashion week; I will keep you updated on the exciting times to come. So stay tuned to my Instagram – @oliviabynature – and blog over the next few weeks and months as I will be posting much more info on my collection, more sneak peaks at the styles I have created as well as how you can get your hands on them :).

Here’s a few pictures of the design process; as you can see I am well and truly in my element:

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Designing and choosing colours for knitwear jumper, with the Noisy may designer.
A very teeny sneak peak of my jumper that you will be able to buy in January. Keep tuned to see the final design 🙂
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Charlotte and I with the lovely Noisy may denim designer 🙂
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Denim: decisions, decisions
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Explaining exactly how I’d like my designs to look 🙂
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A sneak peak at a very raw version of my denim jacket to be :). Stay tuned ❤
The Noisy may family 🙂

I hope you are as excited as I am to see the final designs. I can’t wait until you can purchase them for yourselves and I hope you will love them 🙂

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