Summer Evenings ☀

The months that have passed (and those yet to come) have been wonderfully chaotic. I photographed everything. I talked to anyone. And I’ve achieved many things I never thought possible.

I had trouble falling asleep the night just passed, due in part to the sticky heat that has engulfed Britain (I mean everyone knows about it, its all we seem to bang on about). But also due to the fact that I sometimes find it hard to shut my brain off, crammed full of excitement, memories and opportunities. When I’m awake you’d be hard strapped to get a word in edgeways (many a family nickname for me originates from my ‘chatty’ nature).  This appears to relay as the sun goes down and the stars shine magically above my head (the world is far too exciting to spend 50% of it asleep?!).

But i’m sat here writing, my velvet underground playlist on repeat, fresh strong coffee and still yet to get dressed (its 10am oop). I can’t help but think how lucky I am, I should really try to set aside time everyday just to reflect and be grateful for all I have. I’ve finished my education at long last. I’m doing what I love and am passionate about. I’m meeting the most wonderfully interesting people. I’ve been granted the opportunity to move to Berlin in September. And I’m content. Happy.

Last night it was my dear sisters birthday, an all to rare an occasion when my family and I really take time to sit and spend quality time together due to the fast paced nature of our lives  meaning its hard to find a time when we are all simultaneously free.

But you know when you hear people call there siblings or mother ‘their best friend’ it sounds awfully cringe and insincere doesn’t it? Well my sister and I are best friends, we  have only a 2yr age gap between us.

She is a friend. A sister. and I love her dearly.

This blog post is a little different to normal, but I have used it as a little space to reflect on all things beautiful right now, amidst some truly terrible times and disasters that have occurred not only in Britain, but across the world (sometimes we can not even reconcile the suffering that may go on, unreported by mainstream- I have to admit- westernised media). But I think, in reflection of this, its important to take head and realise how lucky you are. because to take our individual contentment for granted when placed in situ, is wrong. I write content here because there is also an important lesson I have learnt over the last few years: we may not be happy all the time and that is normal.

I also wanted to share with you my favourite summer evening outfit, and the links to where you can shop it too :). I don’t do ‘dressed’ up very well, I don’t suit smart. Put me in a shirt or pencil skirt and I look like I’m trying to be somebody I’m not. it just doesn’t fit me as a person. So this outfit is about as formal as I get, and yep I still wear a pair of jeans.  If its not comfortable I don’t want to know ahah.

You can shop the kimono here.

You can shop a similar t–shirt here. 

You can shop the jeans here. 

You can shop the shoes here. 

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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Shop the whole look here.

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